Acrylic Signs in Office: 5 Ingenious Ways to Utilize Them!

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Making a strong impression with office decor is vital. It can help you close deals, boost morale, and basically make a space your own. No wonder businesses like Boeing take the time to do up their decor. One key ingredient of stunning decor is acrylic signs in office. Cost-effective, visually appealing, and low maintenance, they’re a must-have sign in the office. These, with their sleek appearance and versatility, have emerged as a popular choice for offices seeking to elevate their aesthetic appeal while maximizing functionality. In this blog post, we will explore five ingenious ways to utilize acrylic signs in office environment.

Creative Ways to Utilize Acrylic Signs in Office Space

In this article, we’ll look at indoor uses solely. Sure, you can use acrylic signs outdoors, too, but they do their best work indoors. Here are five ways you can put acrylic signs and graphics to use:

Show the Office Directory on Acrylic Business Signs
If you are in a large office space or managing commercial property, an office directory at the entrance is essential. Businesses use these custom acrylic signs to display business names, door numbers, and directions.
They do so because acrylic offers a premium glass look without the safety risks of glass. You can customize the acrylic directory with your own styles, choose fonts, colors, and so much more.

Highlight Your Branding
Acrylic signs are popular with businesses as lobby signage, too. Eye-catching and customizable, they are a great way to show off the business’s name, logo, and branding elements.
Signs can be cut to any size and shape, have a gloss or matte finish, and even have lighting. You’ll definitely be spoiled for choice when it comes to design!

Get Custom Acrylic Signs for Doors
Room labels installed on walls next to doors or directly on the door are common across Dallas establishments. You’ll find them in many professional settings, such as research institutes, healthcare providers, and professional offices.
Again, acrylic signs look like glass, giving the office an upscale feel without breaking the bank. We use high-quality acrylic, meaning signs won’t fade or scratch with regular cleaning.

Handle ADA  Accessibility Signs
Since these are legally required signs, there are requirements for the design (such as the size of the sign, contrast, and glare). Our team will help you design the signs of your dreams while ensuring they are compliant with local and state bylaws.
Make your ADA, emergency, and wayfinding signage stand out with acrylic signs.

Display Artwork on Acrylic Signs and Graphics
Who said signs have to all be about work, work, work? Businesses use these signs to display photographs, artwork, and graphics. Acrylic signs are a powerful decorative feature that you can use across your office.
You can create gallery walls, showcase pictures from the company’s past, and even display awards on trophy-shaped acrylic signage.

In conclusion, acrylic signs are not just functional tools for navigation; they are versatile assets that can be leveraged to enhance branding, communication, and aesthetics within the office environment. Whether used for branding and identity, directional signage, office decor, informational displays, or room dividers, these offer endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. By incorporating acrylic signs in office design strategy, organizations can create a visually stunning and highly functional workspace that fosters productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement.

Get Ideas for Acrylic Signage in Office

At Elevated Exposure Signs and Graphics, we can bring any design to life. So, if you’re looking for acrylic signs near you, give us a call. Spend time with our team to get design ideas for your signs and transform your space without breaking the bank. Book a free consultation today.