Creative Uses of Auto Window Stickers in Marketing

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From the Grand Prairie Morning News ads to Megabus’ branding on its buses, auto window stickers are everywhere. Vehicle window graphics are an effective, eye-catching way to get your business noticed. 3M found that 98% of people had a positive opinion of companies with fleet graphics. Moreover, a single wrapped vehicle can attract over 16 million impressions annually in a big city like Grand Prairie.

Auto window stickers are a vital part of that. They are vinyl stickers that are printed with your designs and cut to the shape you desire. They can be installed on windshields, side windows, and the rear window as well. You can display virtually any message and showcase your branding prominently. There are legal requirements around visual light transmission, which we’ll cover soon.

Given there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to stickers, how should you use yours? What designs can you create? In this blog, we’ll explore ten ideas for stickers for your business.

10 Creative Ideas for Using Auto Window Stickers

  1. Sales and Discounts – Displaying ongoing promotions, such as discounts and new sign-up offers, is a popular use of auto window stickers. Use unique promo codes on your vehicles to keep track of how effective your vehicle marketing is.
  2. Customer Testimonials – Testimonials are a vital proof point, whether your organization is a household name or a small business in Grand Prairie. They lend credence to your marketing and are a great way to demonstrate the key benefits of your products or services.
  3. Showing Milestones – Displaying your business’s anniversaries, achievements, and awards is a great way to grow brand recognition. Auto window stickers can celebrate your accomplishments and convey your business’s excellence to prospective customers.
  4. Local Initiatives – Are you supporting a local charity or local baseball team? Share this involvement with the community by displaying customized graphics, from photographs of events to the logos of your partnerships.
  5. Engage with QR Codes – QR codes are a game-changer for marketing; they allow you to engage virtually with customers and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can incorporate custom QR codes on your auto window stickers to share special offers and engage people on social media.
  6. Social Media Incentives – If you are looking to drum up engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and more social media platforms, vehicle stickers are a must-have. They allow you to promote your social media accounts in the community in a non-intrusive yet eye-catching way.
  7. Environmental Credentials – Is your business taking steps to go green? Highlight your efforts with eco-based designs that showcase the impact you’re making. For instance, a delivery business that shifted to electric vehicles can incorporate statistics into its decals to show how much gas it has saved in the last month.
  8. Event Schedule – Auto window stickers are a great way to promote events, concerts, games, and even webinars. Make sure you include the details of the event and tell people how to sign up effortlessly.
  9. Giveaway Stickers – Why limit branding to just your vehicles? Auto window stickers are some of the most affordable signage you can get. You can print them in the hundreds or thousands and share them as giveaways in e-commerce packaging, as attendee gifts, customer promotions, and more.
  10. Office Location Maps – You can use stickers with map motifs to promote the location of your business. Display location markers, like you see on Google Maps, on large window maps to show where you are located. If you have lots of locations in the area, that’s even better; map stickers are a great way to show your business’s size and accessibility.

Top Thing to Consider When Designing Impactful Auto Window Stickers

Designing attractive stickers requires balancing several factors, including:

  • Legibility – Text must be large so it can be read while your vehicle is moving.
  • Branding – The design should incorporate your branding consistently, such as your logo and colors.
  • Messaging – Calls-to-action should be easy to follow.
  • Design – The design should be eye-catching and appealing.
  • Legal Considerations – Graphics should not impede the driver’s ability to drive safely.

Moreover, you should add ‘trackable’ elements to your design to measure the effectiveness of your auto window stickers. Some common ways to do that are by having phone numbers that are only displayed on your vehicles or dedicated website pages and social media tags; this keeps tabs on how many people are interacting with your business because of your stickers. After all, the goal with auto window stickers is not just to brand your vehicles but to grow your business.

Texas’ Requirements for Window Tinting and Registration Stickers

While there are several laws that ensure the safety of your vehicle and compliance with Texas DMV requirements, it is important for business owners to know about window tinting and vehicle registration requirements.

When you install large stickers on windows, you alter the amount of light that can enter through them. Texas maintains standards for the minimum amount of light that must pass through windows. Check with your vehicle wrapping company to ensure your designs are or will be compliant with local laws. Similarly, if your auto window stickers or vehicle graphics change the color of your vehicle, you may need to re-register it with the DMV.

Making an Impact in Your Community with Auto Window Stickers

Auto window stickers are powerful ways to brand your vehicles and unlock advertising opportunities. The nearly limitless customization options and suitability for all types of vehicles mean nearly every business can benefit from them.

The first step in branding your vehicles is finding the right signage partner. As a full-service sign company, Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics handles all stages of the signage journey, from sticker design to installation. That’s why businesses across Texas turn to us for signage help. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with an experienced signage professional today.