How to Choose the Right Office Door Sign For Your Needs?

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Bad office decoration stresses out workers, turns off customers, and generally creates unmemorable experiences for visitors. One of the main culprits of this bad decoration? Office door signs. It’s not uncommon to see businesses spend thousands on matching furniture only to install standard door signs in the office that ruin the look.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to choose the right interior office door signs.

Here’s How You Should Choose the Right Office Door Signs for Your Business

1. Understand Why You’re Installing Door Signs in the Office

Step one for any signage is understanding why you’re getting the sign. Are you looking for a sign to display the occupant’s name, indicate a conference room, or guide people to the restroom? Once you’re clear about why you’re getting the sign, you’ll know how to design it and which style to choose.

2. Consider the Various Materials

Acrylic, metal, wood, and plastic—door signs for the office come in a wide range of materials. Each offers its own pros and cons when it comes to durability, style, and maintenance. Make sure your materials match the rest of your aesthetic and will offer the long-term value you expect.

3. Use Simple, Readable Fonts

It’s tempting to opt for cursive fonts for your interior office door signs, but it may not be the best move! Cursive fonts are hard to read at a glance and can increase visitor frustration. Don’t believe us? Check out this sample font and see how hard it is to read if you only look at it briefly. Sans serif fonts may be less ‘fancy’, but they’re a lot more legible.

4. Not Too Small, Not Too Large

Getting the size of signs is not easy, which is why it’s best to speak to a reputable company that makes and installs door signs for offices near you. Their designers will be able to advise you on what size maximizes legibility without becoming awkwardly large.

5. Don’t Forget About ADA Signs

The Americans With Disabilities Act has strict guidelines on where you need to install ADA-compliant signage. Prepare a plan for your office to identify what custom office door signs you need to install and where.

ADA signs have to include raised lettering and other visual elements to be compliant, which is why it’s advisable for you to consult with experts for custom office door signs.

6. Pay Attention to Colors

The colors of your signs don’t just impact your decor, they also affect peoples’ emotions. If you’re not familiar with color psychology, reach out to an experienced designer. Ultimately, the goal is to use colors that inspire creativity and instill a sense of positivity.

Work With the Top Partner for Door Signs for Office Near You

Don’t let the little decisions about office door signs distract you from your business. Leave the hard work to an expert team and a trusted signage partner. We design, build, install, and maintain signs, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Book a free consultation today to talk to us about your needs and start preparing a customized plan for door signs for the office.