Installing a Digital Pylon Sign at the Perfect Location

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Digital pylon signs are powerful, effective signs that allow you to project your message far and wide. They are a popular option at gas stations, dealerships, and shopping complexes. Now, however, many other businesses are looking to take advantage of these eye-catching signs.

Pylon signs are excellent for getting your business noticed – even from a great distance. Digital pylon signs only amplify that effect. Businesses such as restaurants, tourist attractions, and advertisers are turning to digital signs. They offer the incredible marketing power of pylon signage while offering the flexibility of digital signs.

That said, where is the best place to install your sign? How can you maximize its visibility? In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you should consider.

Essentials to Consider

The perfect spot for your sign will depend on three fundamental aspects:

  1. The goal or purpose of the sign.
  2. The expectations of your audience.
  3. Where on your property you are allowed to install the sign.

Having a clear idea of these three aspects will help you narrow down the ideal location for your sign.

  1. The Goal or Purpose of the Sign
    Are you looking to advertise products and services, or do you plan to use the sign for branding? Do you intend to use it as a directional sign, guiding people to your business? Have a clear idea of the primary purpose of the sign. Advertising and branding signs, for instance, are best installed where most people will see them. On the other hand, directional signs should be installed strategically where people visiting your establishment would require directions.
  2. What Does Your Audience Expect?
    Are you targeting pedestrians, or are you trying to capture the attention of fast-moving traffic? For pedestrians, you may want to make the sign lower so it’s closer to people’s line of sight. For vehicles, you want the sign to be as tall as possible so it can be seen from further away.
  3. Where on Your Property Can You Install a Tall Sign?
    Installing a digital pylon sign will require a permit from the city, plus you should have permission to erect a structure on the property. It’s possible there are restrictions on where the sign can be installed, such as not being allowed near electrical cables.
    Once you have clear answers to these three factors, you will be in a good position to decide the ideal location for your sign.

8 Things to Consider for Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Digital Pylon Signs

  1. Where Will the Sign Be Most Effective?
    When deciding on a location, the primary consideration is how impactful the sign will be. The goal is to have it be seen by as many people as possible to maximize exposure. As discussed above, the ideal spots are typically next to busy thoroughfares and entrances.
  2. Whether the Surface Is Suitable for the Sign
    Prepared surfaces, such as concrete, cement, or asphalt, provide a stable base for signs and can reduce your installation costs. Unprepared surfaces, such as grass or earth, will require a foundation to be built. The taller your sign, the stronger the foundation will have to be.
  3. Powering the Sign
    Digital pylon signs are typically powered by grid power. They can also run off portable generators and renewable power. Make sure the location has provision for power, regardless of the power option you are considering.
  4. Signage Permit from the City
    The City of Dallas requires you to obtain a permit for your sign if it’s either more than eight feet tall or if the sign face has an area of 20 square feet or more. Since most digital pylon signs are taller or larger than those dimensions, you will need a sign permit. Fortunately, the city is able to provide in as little as two business days.
  5. Restrictions or Requirements on Land Use
    Make sure you are allowed to install a pylon on your land. Check zoning laws at city hall to ensure there are no restrictions on how tall structures can be. Plus, check with the property owner to ensure they don’t have any restrictions on how tall the sign should be.
  6. Recurring Costs
    If you plan on adding a pylon on rented land, a fee may be associated with installing the sign. Factor in the rental charges to the monthly operating cost of the sign. This will help you decide if the location will deliver the value you expect.
  7. Health and Safety Requirements
    Will the sign overhang a busy walkway? Will the sign experience strong wind gusts? Is there ongoing construction that could impact the sign? Assess the space for health and safety considerations such as these. If you are unsure about which aspects to consider, your signage partner will be able to help.
  8. Ease of Maintenance
    LED digital pylon signs require little in the way of regular maintenance, but every sign requires some professional upkeep now and then. Make sure there is enough room for signage professionals to access the sign safely.

Common Locations Where Signs Are Installed

Some of the most common spots for digital pylon signs are:

  • Along busy highways: For example, billboards, price displays, and road condition signs.
  • At the entrance to the business: These are commonly used to display the services available, pricing, vacancies, and more.
  • Facing busy pedestrian paths or roads: These are mixed-use signs often used to display ads, branding, and ongoing promotions.

Importance of Choosing the Right Signage Partner

Digital pylon signs are significant investments for the business, which is why you need to work with a partner who can deliver the value you expect. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on a signage partner:

  • Experience: They should have previous knowledge and involvement in installing pylon signs.
  • Expertise: Their professionals should be able to guide you on every aspect of the sign, including the sign permit. · Full-service: They take care of design, installation, and maintenance from start to finish.
  • Reputation: They should have a solid reputation for high-quality, reliable signs.

Thinking of Getting a Digital Pylon Sign?

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