Marketing Strategies with Removable Floor Decals for Businesses

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Removable floor decals peaked in prominence during the coronavirus pandemic. It was common to see physical distancing decals in a variety of public spaces, from your local Trader Joe’s to Dallas-Fort Worth International. Nowadays, businesses have discovered removable floor decals are a cost-effective way to elevate marketing efforts. Floor decals capitalize on the element of surprise; people don’t expect to see marketing messages on the floor, which is why they can be more captivating than other forms of marketing. In this blog, we’ll discuss ten ways you can make floor graphics an essential part of your marketing strategy.

What Are Removable Floor Decals?

Think of removable floor decals as durable vinyl stickers for your floors. You can personalize the design you display on them, cut them into any shape, and customize their size. This high level of flexibility is a significant part of the appeal of floor decals. By being able to customize the decals to your preferences, you can also incorporate your branding through color, font, graphics, and more.

Moreover, since they are made of vinyl, floor decals are some of the most cost-effective signs you can invest in for your business. It is one of the few sign solutions where businesses can install tens or hundreds around their property and not drain their marketing budget.

10 Ways to Enhance Marketing and Experiences with Removable Floor Decals

  1. Guide the Way – Are people feeling lost on your premises? Are you struggling to drive customers to promotions? Businesses with large premises, such as supermarkets and department stores, can use directional arrows and lines to guide people effortlessly around the premises.
  2. Brand Your Entryway – Make a strong first impression and reinforce your branding with branded entryway decals. For example, choose a large coffee bean for the entrance to a cafe or a video game character at the entrance to an arcade.
  3. Engage Customers with Games – If your business’s target audience is children, consider using removable floor decals to create exciting memories. From treasure hunts to interactive games, try installing fun floor decals to keep children entertained. In fact, decals can be a great educational tool for young learners at daycares and schools.
  4. Tis the Season – Tapping into the seasonal moods is a great way to engage your customers. Seasonal graphics keep your business environment fresh, as they change every month or so, while also creating memorable experiences for visitors. Use floor decals to create fall murals, Christmas decor, and more.
  5. In-Store Contests – Since decals are one of the most cost-effective signs, businesses can change them frequently or use them for short-term purposes. This quality makes them ideal for running in-store contests, such as giveaways or customer challenges. The more engaged your customers become, the more memorable your business will be.
  6. Tell a Story Through Removable Floor Decals – Immersive experiences, museums, and sites of historical importance can use decals to guide visitors through engaging stories. Floor decals can narrate events or provide insight. Even businesses can share their history through floor timelines.
  7. Augmented Reality – Businesses are increasingly turning to augmented reality (AR) to market offerings. Floor decals are an ideal place to place AR markers that people can scan with their phones. Decals installed in front of product displays can, for instance, trigger product demos or play testimonials on customers’ phones.
  8. Highlight Unique Features – Differentiating your business can be difficult in Dallas’ crowded markets. Floor decals provide an opportunity to explain what it is that makes your business stand out. You can promote anything from your strong after-sales support to the expertise of your staff.
  9. Product Pairings – Are you missing out on potential upsells? Showing product pairings with decals is an effective way to improve customer experiences and maximize your sales potential. Showcase how two specific products are much more effective when paired together to boost sales and influence impulse buying.
  10. Branding Elevators – Elevator lobbies and elevators are two places where you can be almost certain people will be looking at the floor. Take advantage of these opportunities by utilizing decals to promote your offerings or brand your space tastefully. These signs are also a creative way to show floor numbers.

Best Places to Install Removable Floor Decals

The marketing impact of decals is often dependent on where they are installed. Here are a few tips for finding the right place for your decals:

  • High traffic areas – Install decals in places that are frequented by lots of people. Common areas are entrances, waiting rooms, and lobbies.
  • Visibility – Given signs are seen most often in a passing glance, and not all people have perfect eyesight, make sure to use large, sans serif fonts that are easy to read quickly and from far away.
  • Strategic Offers – Be strategic in your marketing efforts. Be selective in what you display on graphics. For instance, use decals that explain products at displays while showing sales offers at checkouts.
  • Safety – Removable floor decals have a high grip, non-slip finish, which makes them safe to use on a wide range of flooring. That said, you should install them where you can inspect them routinely to ensure they aren’t ripping or peeling.

How Safe Are Removable Floor Decals?

High-quality floor decals can last months or even years without tearing. Fade-resistant inks also keep your signs looking fresher for longer. It’s why you need to work with an experienced signage partner. Respected sign companies like Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics will use quality vinyl from suppliers like 3M and Oracal. These companies have a wide range of floor decals suitable for many different applications.

How Much Do Removable Floor Decals Cost?

The cost of floor decals depends on their size, the design, and the materials required for your application. Decals start from as little as $1.49 for small indoor signs, while large outdoor signs can run into the hundreds. The affordability of floor decals is why businesses order them in large quantities.

Elevate Your Marketing with Removable Floor Decals

Interested in getting floor decals for your business? Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics is the go-to signage partner in Dallas. We work with businesses, transit authorities, educational institutions, and other establishments for decals. Book a free consultation with a Dallas-based signage expert to discuss your needs. We’ll spend time understanding your needs and help you prepare a customized signage strategy for your premises.