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Brand your hospital tastefully and enhance patient experiences with professionally designed hospital signs. Work with a top-rated sign company in Dallas that designs, builds, prints, and installs all types of hospital signs.

Receive friendly service and personal attention from a team that works with hospitals, doctors’ clinics, dental clinics, veterinarians, and all other healthcare establishments.

At Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics, we can assist you with all aspects of your signage, including ADA compliance, Texas-compliant wayfinding signage, sign permits, and more. Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs with our local team.

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One Sign Company for All Indoor and Outdoor Signage for Your Hospital

Whether it’s guiding traffic in parking lots, helping people navigate the hospital’s interiors, or enforcing best practices for staff, we have the signs for you. Browse, customize, and install any of our indoor, outdoor, and portable hospital signs in Dallas.

Outdoor Signs

  • Building Signs – Make a strong first impression with attractive building signs. We design and install entrance signs, rooftop signs, logos, and more. Choose from a range of styles, including channel letters, cabinet signs, LED signs, and others to reflect your brand proudly.
  • Ambulance Signs – Guide emergency vehicles to ER drop-offs efficiently with clear ambulance signs. We offer a complete package of directional signs, “Reserved Parking” signs, “Unloading Only” signs, and outdoor entrance signs.
  • Traffic and Parking Lot Signs – Manage traffic on your property and in parking lots effortlessly with these high-quality aluminum signs. Available in matte, glossy, and reflective finishes, traffic signs are ideal for displaying essential messages, such as “Stop”, “No Standing”, “Reserved Parking”, “Speed Limit”, and more.
  • Wheelchair-Accessible Routes – Ensure a safe, convenient experience for wheelchair users and anyone else with mobility disabilities. We evaluate accessible routes, prepare a clear sign plan, and help you personalize each sign to suit your needs.

Indoor Signs

  • Patient Room Number Signs – Ensure an easy-to-navigate space with clearly labeled rooms. By identifying room numbers, room names, and nameplate signs, anyone who enters your facility will be able to find the right rooms.
  • Directory Signs – Guide visitors around your premises with thoughtfully designed directory signs. These signs are ideal for showing occupant names, room numbers, directional arrows, and other contact information; given the importance of these signs, they are traditionally installed in areas of high foot-traffic, such as the lobby.
  • Hospital Wayfinding Signage – Provide visitors with a frustration-free experience using a carefully designed wayfinding signage system. We install directional arrows, ceiling signs, room signs, and more, ensuring clear directions to all major, public areas.
  • Clinic Door Signs – Label rooms in your clinic or department neatly with custom signs. Our clinic door signs are available as numbers, interchangeable nameplates, etched acrylic, and engraved signs.
  • Hospital Safety Signs – Our signs are designed to meet Texas’ strict hospital signage requirements, fire safety code, infection safety, and other mandatory laws effortlessly. Find and install the signs you need with the help of our experienced team.
  • ADA Signs – Ensure a safe, inclusive space with ADA-compliant signage. Our team will advise you on the requirements that are mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), help you personalize these signs, and guide you on the installation requirements for these signs

Ensuring Your Hospital Signage is Updated, Accessible, and Effective

Are you ADA-compliant? Are your premises up to fire code? Are medical professionals following hygiene best practices? Given the evolving nature of the healthcare industry, signage can become redundant, ineffective, and out of date over time; this is why frequently checking to see if your signage is still relevant is essential.

Schedule a consultation and have a local sign professional evaluate your wayfinding, branding, and compliance signage. With years of experience working with medical professionals and healthcare organizations, we are knowledgeable about healthcare requirements.

Speak to our experienced team for advice and assistance with ADA signs, hospital safety signs, advertising opportunities, and more. We will help you identify and install signs that raise safety standards, improve visitor experiences, and ensure a compliant facility.

Discovering the Preferred Partner for Hospital Interior Signage

Unlike office signage, interior hospital signage faces unique demands. It is quintessential to providing healthcare services efficiently, ensuring safety, and staying compliant with Texas’ strict signage requirements. The following factors make us your ideal partner in designing hospital signs:

  • We are a full-service company that designs, installs, and maintains all signs.
  • You can customize every aspect of your sign–from style and size to message and design—with the help of our creative designers.
  • Our knowledgeable team can advise on wayfinding, fire-safety, ADA, and THA signs.
  • We use high-quality sign printing that resists fading under artificial lighting and regular sanitizing.
  • We offer competitive pricing without cutting corners on quality.

Enjoy responsive after-sales support when you work with us. We also offer regular sign checks, ongoing maintenance, and emergency replacement services to ensure your premises stay up to code.

Personalize Signs to Reflect Your Branding

Hospital signage is extremely functional, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be decorative. Brand your space tastefully with personalized signs that incorporate your branding elements.

Grow brand awareness and make a professional impression with branded signs. Our signs can be customized to include the logo, establishment name, colors, themes, and more. Share your design ideas, or have our team create personalized designs for your space. We spend time understanding your needs and creating custom designs that suit your premises.

Digital Signs Are Transforming Hospital Signage

Educate, guide, and advertise with digital hospital signs. Available in a wide range of configurations, including scrolling letters, display boards, message signs, and video walls, digital signs offer unmatched value and convenience. Digital signs can enhance your visitors’ experience by entertaining them and making wait times feel up to 35% shorter with engaging content.

Communicate upcoming events, promote new services, and share reminders with patients on dynamic digital signs. At the upfront cost of one sign, you receive the value and utility of many! Digital signs are effective, too, with 40% of patients saying digital messages have influenced their experiences and choices.

Professional Signage Elevates Patient Experiences and Staff Satisfaction

Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics is the go-to partner in Dallas-Fort Worth for high-quality signs. Enjoy a seamless experience when you work with a team that brings years of experience supporting professional organizations.

Our team provides responsive service throughout the lifecycle of the project. We deliver real value, timely project completion, and aim to build long-term relationships with every customer.

Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs with our Dallas-based sign professionals