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A Local Sign Company in Dallas You Can Count On

Running your business is a full-time endeavor; spending time figuring out the ins and outs of different business signs and graphics possibilities is not something you have time for. That is why you must work with the right sign company to create a custom sign solution for you. Our expert team at Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics knows how to use different types of signs to communicate your message. Whether you need wall graphics to promote your latest products, ADA signs to meet local regulations, or building signs to let the world know where you are, our focus is working with you to find the right solution to meet your needs. As a local Dallas sign company, we are members of your community and provide services throughout the area.

Your search for a signage company near you and the best sign printing in Dallas is over because we have the right team to solve your sign and graphic needs.

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Our Sign Design & Installation Process

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Choosing the Right Sign Maker
for Your Businesses

Boost advertising, grow branding, and enhance customer experience when you work with one of the top sign makers near you. Work with a professional team that guides you every step of the way and makes the signage journey seamless.

Take advantage of our experience: we create, install, and maintain signs for all types of businesses. Our sign company in Dallas works with retailers, colleges, marketing companies, warehouses, and more.

We’re not just another sign store; we are signage partners! Maximize value from every sign with Elevated Exposure Signs and Graphics.

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Your Custom Sign Shop in Dallas

At Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics, we focus on creating the right solution for your signage needs. As a local Dallas sign company, we are a part of your community, and our reputation is built upon satisfied customers. Our passion for sign-making and commitment to customer service make us the right partner for you. We don’t just provide custom banner printing solutions using standard templates. As your Dallas sign service partner, we understand your business and your branding and consider your marketing needs. In doing so, we can create customized solutions that exceed your expectations.

Are you ready to elevate your business through high-quality commercial signs and graphics? Get in touch with us to get started right away.

How We Can Help Get You Noticed

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Monument Sign Maker In Dallas

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs showcase who you are as a company, what you can offer your customers, and what makes you superior to your competitors. We will help you create signs that will effectively claim your location, increase foot traffic, and stay top-of-mind with potential customers. As an expert sign company near you, some of our top exterior signs include channel letters, awnings, building signs, monument signs, and pylon signs.

Acrylic Letters For Office In Dallas

Indoor & Lobby Signs

Indoor and lobby signs are visual tools that can be used to promote who you are, your products, and your services. In addition, indoor signs can help complete transactions, provide customer service, boost employee morale, and showcase your brand and values. Popular options to bring your facility to the next level are lobby signs, room identification signs, ADA signs, floor decals, and wall murals.

Car Vinyl Decal

Vehicle Wraps & Decals

Vinyl wraps and graphics convert your ordinary company-owned vehicles into moving billboards. As your local sign company in Dallas, we recommend full vinyl wraps to gain as much attention as possible. For entrepreneurs who want more subtle signs in Dallas, we recommend partial ad wraps. However, if you are looking for an alternative with a lower cost and want more straightforward branding elements on your vehicles, vinyl graphics are the way to go.

Exercise Room & Fitness Center Motivational Wall Quote Decals

Wall & Window Graphics

There’s no better way to brand an indoor or office space than with some memorable, eye-catching graphics.

A well-decorated, well-branded space brings two significant benefits for your business: it creates a visually exciting space that makes your workplace feel more engaging for your employees, and it makes a great impression on anyone visiting your professional space.

Get Sign Designed with us

Share your design with us or tell our team to create options for you…it’s that simple. Bring your vision to life with an attentive, approachable signage company near you.

Enjoy a seamless experience when you have us create customized, branded designs. Our team will spend time understanding your needs and modifying signs to your preferences.

There’s no room for dull designs here—we create eye-catching signs that will help you generate business.

Sign Company

Everything From Permits to Compliance With Signs in Dallas

Make short work of city permits and stay on the right side of health and safety laws with one of the most trusted sign shops near you.

Receive advice and assistance from a team intimately familiar with Dallas’ sign permit process. We’ll help you prepare designs, fill out forms, and help you sail through the red tape.

Not sure what health, safety, and accessibility signs you need? As an experienced company that produces signs for companies, we can help you comply with city and building bylaws and ADA requirements.

Trusted Signage Partner

From design to sign installation in Dallas—we’re here to make your signage journey as seamless as can be. Work with a full-service signage company near you that provides:

Eliminate hassles and maximize ROI with one of the leading Dallas sign companies.

Sign Company

Get the Value You Expect

Browse one of the largest catalogs of signs in Dallas, TX, and find signs that fit your needs and budget. We won’t nickel-and-dime you—we’re here to deliver value.

Identify cost-effective styles, durable materials, and signs that will meet your goals. You will receive honest, transparent advice from a team committed to helping you maximize your return on investment.

We only use high-quality materials and inks from reputable suppliers like 3M, Oracal, and Avery for long-lasting signs. We never cut corners on quality to offer cut-price signs.


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Not Sure What Signs You Need?

If so, then you are not alone. Most business leaders and office managers don’t know what type of signs they should get, or even how they can use signs to enhance their decor.

Book a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs with a Dallas-based signage professional: Elevated Exposure Signs and Graphics. We will help you prepare a customized signage package, provide accurate cost estimates, and make ordering signs effortless!

Frequently Asked Questions

Signs increase brand awareness and represent your business identity to the public and prospective customers. They are cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising, such as print and TV advertising and pay-per-click internet ads. A one-off investment can convey your message for years.

A sign conveys information via the use of words and symbols. It tells potential customers who you are, where you are, and why they should purchase your goods or services. It can provide directions where necessary; for example, where to go, where not to go, what should be done, and what may not be done.

Modern signs are made from many different materials. Vinyl is popular for decals, banners, window graphics, and vehicle wraps. Aluminum is widely used, especially for outdoor signs, due to its durability and versatility. Illuminated signs often use acrylic. Fabric signs are cost-effective, lightweight, and easily moved and stored.

There is no single “best” type. The ideal sign varies according to several factors, such as location, how long it needs to last, whether it needs to be visible at night, your budget, and more. The experts at Elevated Exposure can help you choose the sign that best meets all your requirements. 

This depends on the type of sign, the size, and the materials used. Simple storefront signs or vehicle graphics can start at a few hundred dollars, whereas monument and pylon signs start much higher. Digital, illuminated, and metal signs will be more expensive than fabric or vinyl. Speak to a representative for a more exact answer.

Dallas has numerous sign manufacturers. At Elevated Exposure, we do more than make signs. We have a complete process beginning with initial consultation, then custom design, expert fabrication, efficient installation, and, importantly, service and repair. All these phases are project managed to ensure the best outcome for your business. Contact us today to discuss your signage needs. 

This varies from days to weeks, depending on the size and type of sign. The best way to find out how long a sign will take to make is to contact a local sign shop and give them the information they need.

Requirements for outdoor signs are determined by state and local regulations and can be complicated. You can check the state regulations on the Texas Department of Transportation website. Dallas has its own permit requirements, which are listed along with contact information on the Dallas City Hall site.

Workplace signs can provide directions — for example, “exit” signs and signs identifying particular areas or rooms. They can provide essential information about workplace health and safety, such as prohibition signs (e.g., “no entry”), mandatory signs (e.g., “hearing and eye protection must be worn in this area”), and danger and warning signs.