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Custom Acrylic Signs for Dallas Businesses

Acrylic signs are fabricated from shatter-resistant and lightweight polymer that captures that charm of traditional glass signs without the tedious maintenance the comes with it. They can be used in either indoor or outdoor settings, depending on your branding requirements and specific marketing goals.

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The Best Types of Acrylic Signs in Dallas

Clear acrylic signage panels:

They are your typical laser-printed clear acrylic panels that stay in tip-top shape for several years. To achieve a timeless look, we recommend having the design printed on the front portion of the sheet. However, if you want to achieve a three-dimensional look for your lettering and graphics, we can put your design from the back.


As the name suggests, we trim down the acrylic to follow every groove and curve of your design, leaving little to no border on the edges. Contour-cut acrylic wall signs are perfect for adding a fresh and contemporary twist to your establishment. We especially recommend them for brands that want to showcase a modern or trendy image while maintaining a sense of dependability and professionalism.

Frosted acrylic signs:

They are commonly used for promoting your brand while simultaneously adding privacy in some areas. The elegant and classic details of frosted wall signs work well with formal interior or exterior design. With the lighting, your frosted plexiglass signs will look even more appealing and unforgettable.

Uses of Acrylic Signs for Your Dallas Commercial Facility

Room identification:

Every store, shop, or office needs high-quality room identification signs that are easy to read and complement the company’s unique personality. Since acrylic signs have a sleek and clean appearance, they work well for providing simple yet essential information, such as labeling important rooms and areas in your establishment.

Directional details:

Whether you need futuristic-style directories or highly visible directional cues, acrylic signs are the perfect tools to help your customers and employees find their way inside your facility.

Retail advertising:

The number of products you sell can be quite confusing or overwhelming for some customers. However, with proper organization and visual signs, you can effectively promote your signature items, latest product releases, or even particular items that have low sales.

Point of purchase signs:

Checkout counters need the right visual communication tools to boost or help complete the sales process. This is why it is crucial that you have custom acrylic signs that showcase essential guidelines and reminders, or even those that trigger a sense of urgency when purchasing.

Illuminated menu boards:

If you want to beautifully showcase a complete list of your products and services to help customers identify the ones they wish to purchase, we recommend that you invest in lighted acrylic menu signs. Their minimalist characteristics speed up the decision-making process of your customers because no other design elements are distracting them.

Name tags and nameplates:

Interchangeable acrylic office signs are inexpensive and easy to install. They are great for indicating the names of employees, their corresponding positions, and the departments they belong to.

Your Acrylic Signs Maker in Dallas

Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics is not your typical acrylic sign printing shop in Dallas. We take pride in providing well-strategized custom visual communication solutions for all our clients. From consultation to maintenance, you can expect nothing but excellence from our team.

Our acrylic office signs are fabricated from state-of-the-art machinery and premium plexiglass in Dallas to make sure that these on-location advertising tools add value to your company for many years to come. There is no need to keep looking for “top-grade acrylic signs near you” because we are here for you.

Are you ready to turbocharge your marketing efforts with impressive acrylic signs? Talk to one of our specialists today to get started.

Acrylic Signs FAQs

Yes, you can install acrylic signs outdoors without worry. We use special UV-treated, water-resistant acrylic sheets to ensure long-lasting performance. Note that prolonged exposure to sunlight and extreme weather can discolor the sign or cause it to fade prematurely. For maintenance and servicing tips, talk to us.

Expect your acrylic sign to easily last more than five years, even without servicing and maintenance. Acrylic is a durable material that resists discoloration, cracking, and scratching, offering incredible longevity. However, the lifespan of your signs will depend on the wear and tear it experiences, and whether it’s installed indoors or outdoors.

Definitely! Acrylic signs are some of the most customizable signs you can get. You can alter their shape, size, and design to your preferences. We also offer two finishes, glossy and matte, letting you determine exactly how your sign should look. Our team will be happy to spend time with you, personalizing signs for your needs.

If you’re looking for low-maintenance, easy-to-clean signs, acrylic signs are the answer! Simply use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the sign clean of dust, debris, and water. For stains, use a moist cloth and a very gentle cleaning solution. Note that commercial cleaners contain strong chemicals that may cause discoloration, so check with our team before using them.

They most certainly can be, and the effect of lighting is profound! Illuminated acrylic signs create an incredible professional appearance. We offer a wide range of lighting options, meaning you can customize them for your space — whether it’s a formal office space or a casual arcade.

Acrylic sheets are available in a variety of gauges which are measured in inches. The thicker the sheet, the stronger the sign will be. Our team selects materials that suit your application while maximizing cost-effectiveness. We have everything from 1/16 to 1/4-inch-thick acrylic. Talk to us to learn which option will be best for your sign.

There are two printing and finishing options available for acrylic signs:

Sub-surface printing: Also called second-surface printing, this creates a glossy finish. The design is printed and sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic.

Surface printing: For this process, the design is printed directly on a single acrylic sheet, offering a more matte appearance.

We can design, print, and prepare small acrylic signs in as little as two business days. Large signs and specialized designs will take longer, with an approximate turnaround anywhere from one to two weeks. To get an accurate timeline for how long your sign will take, speak to an experienced signage professional.

Unless you have experience installing signs or have a pre-installed mount, we advise getting professional acrylic sign installation. Since acrylic signs can be transparent, any imperfections in the installation will be very evident and unsightly. We offer competitively priced professional installation services when you order signs from us. To learn more, get in touch with our team.

Absolutely, you can print and engrave that and much more on your acrylic signs! Customizability is one of the biggest strengths of acrylic. Share your designs with us, or have us prepare branded designs for your business – it’s your call. Need some inspiration? We have an extensive portfolio of designs you can browse!