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Compliant ADA Signs for Dallas Businesses

There are over 2.5 million Americans in the country who are suffering from some type of visual impairment. Because of this, the government passed the Americans with Disabilities Act to promote safety and equal access for these individuals.

According to the law, custom ADA signs are special accessibility guidelines that must be present in every physical establishment in Dallas. Listed below are a few of the design specifications that must be present in ADA compliant signs:

  • Universally understood symbols
  • Contrasting text and background hues
  • Non-reflective materials
  • Sans-serif fonts without any decorations or embellishments
  • Braille should be used on all permanent rooms or spaces. They must also be positioned directly below the texts they correspond with.

Having the wrong ADA braille signs can lead to multiple penalties, such as fines and removal of your operation permits. This is why it is crucial that you work with a sign company that has the experience and knowledge to produce these visual communication tools correctly down to the last detail. The good news is that Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics is a reliable sign-making partner for all your ADA needs.

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Types of ADA signs in Dallas

Room designations:

Straightforward yet essential, these signs make sure that people are in the correct rooms or areas in your Dallas commercial facility.

ADA wayfinding signs:

Assist customers in the right way with the help of easy-to-understand wayfinding guides.

ADA safety and warning signs:

They indicate messages such as “keep out”, “fire hazard”, “restricted area”, and “watch your step” to protect people from accidents and injuries.

Exit accessible signage:

These life-saving markers assist your staff and guests in locating the nearest exits during emergencies quickly.

Amenity signs:

They are not just limited to ADA bathrooms signs. These visual communication tools also label different amenities in your Dallas establishment, such as the lobby, drinking fountains, comfort rooms, cafeteria, vending machines, and waiting rooms.

Stairwell, escalator, and elevator Braille signs:

It’s common for people to get lost in a facility while looking for lifts and stairs. Save them some time by providing directional cues and indication signs that lead to these areas.

Your Manufacturers for ADA Signage in Dallas

Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics is your reliable source of high-quality visual marketing tools in Dallas. Throughout the entire signage project, you can count on our team to give you outstanding services. We also offer free consultation services to help you decide which types of signs you should invest in for your unique needs, understand the different uses of ADA signs, and set expectations for both parties. Our hardworking manufacturers and installers use the best equipment to produce high-quality, durable, and effective signage solutions that can last for many years.

Don’t spend any more time searching for “high-quality ADA signs near me” because Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics is here for you. Give us a call today!