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Custom Business Signs

Eye-Catching Banners for Dallas Events & Promotions

Visual communication helps businesses prosper in many ways. Permanent solutions, including lobby signs and LED displays, are commonly used by entrepreneurs who want to promote their products and services or connect with customers. However, there are also short-term tools that add value to your company, such as vinyl banners.

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What is a Banner?

Custom banners are low-cost signage solutions that are eye-catching, versatile, and easy to install. They can be reused for multiple occasions so long as you properly store and maintain them. To learn more about the cost of banners in Dallas, don’t hesitate to talk to our representatives at Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics.

Uses of Banners for Your Dallas-based Company

Promote your brand in tradeshows:

Banner printing signs are fantastic tradeshow displays to draw more attention to your booth and convert potential clients. These multi-purpose signs can be used as table covers, backdrops, or standalone posters.

Advertise your products and services:

With strategic placement and design, your corporate banners in Dallas can effectively influence your target market’s purchase behaviors and brand preferences. For example, large banner printing signs that showcase your newest menu items can entice hungry customers to come inside the restaurant or shop and check out your products up close.

Make public service announcements:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many banners and signs are being used to remind people of important health protocols. It includes wearing face masks, getting vaccinated, and social distancing. Incorporating these signs can help protect your customers and staff from spreading and contracting the virus.

Announce business projects, events, and activities:

Personalized banners are great for informing the public about an ongoing renovation in your facility, store openings, seasonal discounts, and other details that they might be interested in.

Types of Banners in Dallas

Retractable banners:

Collapsible and portable, they are perfect to use at events outside your establishment. Thanks to their closing mechanisms, they are protected from creases, scratches, other forms of minor damage.

Feather banners:

These unique signs feature micro-holes that allow even the strongest winds to flow through the signage without causing any damage. Thanks to their ingenious design, your banners will not move or flip.

Step and repeat banners:

These vinyl banners in Dallas are commonly utilized as backdrops for events, such as conferences and charity concerts. They are also great for making your venue more appropriate and festive for an event.

Framed banners:

Did you know that vinyl banners can be used for an extended period? Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics produces innovative framed banners that are affixed in indoor and outdoor settings. Reach out to us to learn more.

Hanging or suspended banners:

We intentionally put them above eye level in congested or high traffic areas for maximum visibility at various angles.

Pole banners:

These banner printing signage solutions are typically installed on traffic islands and sidewalks to grab the interest of motorists. Dallas colleges and universities also use them to promote campus events and boost school spirit.

Reliable Custom Banner Maker in Dallas

Elevated Exposure Signs and Graphics is your reliable source for banner printing shops in Dallas. We pride ourselves on producing visual communication tools that help businesses grow, get ahead of competitors, incur significant profits. As industry experts, you can count on us to implement sign-making best practices and utilize top-of-the-line equipment. It enables us to produce business banners that look impressive and are highly resistant to damage.

Stop researching about the “best quality banners near you” because you are in the right place. Reach out to us today to get started.