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Custom Business Signs

Expert Blade Signs for Dallas Businesses

Make your brand and business unmissable with custom blade signage. Work with a full-service signage company that designs, builds, installs, and maintains signs.

Choose from one of the largest selections of styles and customization options to create signs that enhance branding and help grow your business. You will work with an attentive, friendly team that spends time understanding your needs.

Start creating stunning signs for your business today–book a complimentary consultation with an experienced signage professional in Dallas, TX.

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What type of signage are you looking for?

All Types of Blade Signs Available

Browse a large catalog of indoor and outdoor blade signage at Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics.

Outdoor Signs

  • Round signs
  • Hanging Signs
  • Corner signs
  • Illuminated signs

Interior Blade Signs

  • Entrance signs
  • Wayfinding blade signs
  • Directional signs
  • Door signs
  • Emergency exit signs
Custom Projecting Signs

Make Your Projecting Blade Signs Your Own

Advertise harder and brand better when you get customized signs for your business. Choose from a large selection of customization options to bring your dream signs to life, including:

  • Wall brackets
  • Sign faces
  • Graphics
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Materials

Don’t be circular or square–design any shape for your sign and watch our team bring it to life! Take advantage of comprehensive manufacturing services and expert craftspeople to create the ideal exterior and interior wall blades for your business.

Design Custom Blade Signs for Your Business

Whether you are ordering your first sign or your hundredth, our team will make your experience seamless:

  • Book a consultation: Talk to us about your needs, identify cost-effective options, and receive an accurate estimate.
  • Create eye-catching designs: Send us your ideas or tell us to create branded options for your business.
  • Watch them go up: Sit back and relax as our team takes care of preparing, installing, and maintaining the sign.

No job too big, no job too small–order a single sign or a complete sign package for your business.

Custom Projecting Wall Signs for San Diego

Find the Right Hanging Blade Sign for Your Business

  • Swinging Blade Signs – Swinging signs are free to sway in the wind, making the sign eye-catching. The signs are highly customizable, and you can choose from a wide range of materials for the mount and the swinging signboard.
  • Single-Sided Signs – Single-sided signs are mounted flat against the wall, making them ideal for narrow walkways and busy spaces. You can customize them to your unique needs by choosing the lighting, design, shape, size, and more.
  • Double-Sided Signs – Enjoy 360-degree visibility with double-sided signs. Perfect for busy streets and bustling malls, these signs have two sign faces that overhang walkways. You can display the same design or two different designs on the sign faces. It’s like getting two signboards for one!
  • Sandblasted Panel – Sandblasted signs have a textured finish that adds a retro or vintage touch. The signs look distinctive because of their detailing, which gives your storefront an artisanal feel. Choose from a wide range of surface finishes and colors to find the option that enhances your branding.
  • Box Cabinet Sign – Box cabinet signs are sturdy signs that create an imposing presence. The signs are brightly lit, which makes them captivating, even though they often display a simple design. Unlike standard light box signs, which are mounted horizontally, box cabinets are mounted vertically.

Benefits of Blade Signs for Retail

Distinctive, customizable, and eye-catching, you can’t go wrong with illuminated blade signs. Here are a few reasons why our customers love their signs:

  • Maximize visibility thanks to sign boards that hang in shoppers’ line of sight
  • Double your marketing space with two sign faces on one sign
  • Create head-turning designs with a vast selection of personalization options
  • Install them even in narrow corridors because of their vertical orientation
  • Foster an upscale ambiance with premium materials and lighting
  • Excellent ROI due to long-lasting materials and cost-effective LED lighting
  • Optimize marketing with day-to-night illumination options

Top Tips for Blade Sign Design

Make your business stand out with stunning designs. Here are a few tips from our team: · Use easy-to-read, serif fonts for lettering

  • Maximize legibility by ensuring high contrast between the background color and font color
  • Add lighting to make your sign impossible to miss
  • Create digital mock-ups to see how the sign will look in your space
  • Use materials such as aluminum and wood for premium-looking, long-lasting signs
  • Elevate brand recognition by incorporating branding elements

Stunning designs, conversion-focused signs – work with an expert Dallas-based team that understands your market and shoppers’ preferences.

Why We Are the Preferred Partner for Custom Blade Signs

Why do Dallas businesses love to work with us?

  • Ethical business practices from a Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce-registered business
  • Highly regarded team serving businesses across Dallas
  • Work with an attentive team that makes ordering signs fun
  • Safety-focused approach that keeps you, your customers, and your community safe
  • We deliver value for your business with every sign

Leading Company for Blade Signs Near You in Dallas, TX

At Exposure Elevated Signs & Graphics, we are elevating the signage experience. Expect nothing less than exceptional signs and service from seasoned professionals. We will spend time understanding your needs and help you identify options that deliver value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hanging (or blade) signs are typically above entrances and doorways. They are two-sided signs that face the flow of traffic, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

These signs are installed perpendicular to the wall and project away from the building. You can install them on wall brackets, poles, and even hang them from chains.

These signs are some of the most effective for getting noticed because they are directly in the eye line of passers-by. It’s why they are popular for:

  • Advertising ongoing promotions.
  • Growing brand recognition.
  • Showing directions.
  • Labeling rooms.

They can be used indoors and outdoors, though, to make the most of the sign, you should work with professional designers.