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Transform Your Space with Wall Decals in Dallas

Wall decals are fabricated with durable and premium-quality vinyl that adheres to various types of surfaces. Investing in these inexpensive and versatile signs is an easy way to upgrade your commercial facility. Decals for walls are easier to apply and remove than paint and do not cause any damage.

If you’re a Dallas-based entrepreneur with plenty of blank walls in your business space, investing in custom wall decals in Dallas is a fantastic way to spice up, add more character, and improve your ambiance without drastically changing your interior design.

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Uses of Wall Decals for Your Dallas Company

  • Enhance the ambiance of your workplace
  • Narrate the brand’s success story
  • Better connect with your consumers
  • Keep customers engaged
  • Spotlight your signature products or services
  • Showcase the company’s awards and recognitions
  • Boost employee efficiency and productivity
  • Make a positive, lasting impression
  • Provide directional cues and wayfinding information
  • Solidify your brand
  • Showcase décor that complements your branding requirements, seasonal festivities, and ongoing business-related activities
  • Shorten customers’ waiting times by keeping them entertained or busy with the visual details
  • Provide motivational quotes and safety reminders
  • Improve the flow of customers inside the facility

Types of Wall Decals in Dallas

Traditional vinyl wall decals

These signs are what you commonly see in commercial facilities or even some residential areas as well. We print your designs on PVC plastic using state-of-the-art equipment and give them a contour cut for best results.
These highly customizable cut outs come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose between non-reusable and reusable materials, depending on your specific needs.

Basic wall cut outs

For a subtle yet elegant way to elevate glass wall borders or other areas in your store, we highly suggest that you invest in these office wall graphics.

Block cut vinyl

If you are interested in decals with vibrant hues and unique finishes, we recommend block cut vinyl. Some of their finishes include metallic, glitter, and mirror effects.
Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Unlike most wall graphics that are fabricated from top-grade vinyl, these are manufactured from finely woven fabric to showcase your designs on the wall beautifully. These wall signs are highly resistant to tears and can be reused when properly maintained, making them excellent investments for long-term use.

Top-Notch Decals for Walls in Dallas

Are you on the hunt for the “best wall graphics near you” or “long-lasting wall decals near you”? Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics specializes in a wide variety of visual communication solutions, including vinyl wall graphics. As a leading company for wall decal printing in Dallas, TX, we use high-tech equipment and premium-grade materials to produce full-color, durable, and high-resolution decals each and every time.

We also take pride in having some of the best-rated wall graphic installers in Dallas. Thanks to their skilled hands and meticulousness, your vinyl decals will look seamless and spectacular.
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FAQs about Wall Decals

Designing and printing a wall decal can be completed in as little as two days. If you want to see multiple design options and proofs, it will take longer. Installing wall decals is a quick process. Small decals can be installed in under an hour, while larger and more complex decals may take longer.

Absolutely! The customizability of vinyl wall decals is one of its key attributes. You can customize every aspect of the design, including its graphic, color, shape, and size. From printing 3D designs to wall quotes on decals, the sky is the limit. Get started by sharing your designs or having our team create designs for you.

Most smooth, even surfaces are suitable for wall decals. You can install yours on painted walls, drywall, glass, and doors. Wall decals use strong adhesives that prevent premature peeling. The adhesives are paint-safe, too, meaning if removed appropriately, they will not damage the surface underneath or leave glue stains.

Removing decals without damaging the wall or paintwork requires two things: patience and practice. First, use a hair dryer or heat gun at its lowest setting to warm the decal at one corner. This will soften the adhesive and allow you to peel it slightly. After that, continue applying heat and peeling the decal lightly until it’s removed.

No, wall decals come with pre-applied adhesives that are good for a single application. Though you can install the decal again using the same adhesive, it will not be secure; expect it to start peeling soon after you apply it. We advise against reusing vinyl decals as they can also pose a safety hazard

Wall decals can last two to three years before they need to be replaced. The first signs of wear will likely be discoloration due to artificial lighting. Vinyl decals don’t typically start to peel unless they are exposed to temperature extremes, such as due to HVAC vents or prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Yes, you can use vinyl wall decals outdoors as well, though let our team know. We will select application-appropriate vinyl to ensure hassle-free performance. Our outdoor vinyl is UV-treated and resistant to water damage, ensuring a longer lifespan. To maximize their longevity, install decals in an area that doesn’t experience rainfall