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Transform Your Brand Presence with Pylon Signs

Being a business owner in Dallas, TX means you have plenty of other businesses to compete with. These signs can get you the visibility you need in order to grab customers’ attention, become relevant in their minds, and encourage them to check out your establishment. The benefits of pylon signs range from better visibility, easy maintenance, and improved curb appeal for your business.

Pylon signage is a standalone sign with two and sometimes one pole as its structure. You can have your company name and message displayed on both sides if you like. Illumination can also be added for 24-hour visibility. You might see these signs towering as high or higher than surrounding buildings, especially when the business is close to a major highway, but they can also be much shorter. They are often used as strip mall, gas station, and restaurant signs. 

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Types of Pylon Signs

Choosing signage for your Dallas, TX business needs to be a strategic choice. With so many other businesses competing for your customer’s business, you need to have the right signage. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to custom pylon signs. From designing a towering freestanding sign that’s lighted and highly visible, to opting for a low profile covered pole sign, there are options suited to your company’s unique needs.

  • Lightbox Signage
  • Single Pole Mount Signs
  • Double or Twin Pole Mount Signs
  • Covered Pole Signs
Pylon Sign Installation By Elevated Exposure

Raise the Advertising Bar with Pylon Signs

It’s time to raise the advertising bar with a sign that makes your business stand out more than ever before. Making a great first impression is crucial to getting your customers through the door. Often the first thing they see about your company is your sign. Your sign needs to do your company justice.

From brand colors, fonts, and material type, there’s a lot to work out when you are choosing custom signs for your business. Whatever you choose, you can be certain that the perfect sign will elevate your brand, grab customers’ attention and prove to be a long-lasting investment for your brand. If there’s one thing that this type of sign can give your business, it’s visibility.

Get the Best Pylon Signs in Dallas, TX

We are a full-service sign company helping businesses reach their ideal audiences with signage that truly makes them stand out. At Elevated Signs and Graphics, we’re here to help you whether it’s creating a bathroom sign, a menu, or a towering sign. Reach out to us today for a custom quote or consultation.