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Truck Wraps & Graphics in Dallas, TX

Advances in technology have significantly changed how entrepreneurs advertise their companies and communicate with their target audience. Despite this shift, some traditional marketing methods remain to be relevant and profitable for businesses.

Custom truck wraps are fabricated from incredibly durable vinyl. They transform regular vehicles into mobile billboards that effortlessly generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions each day. To learn more about the cost of truck wraps in Dallas, reach out to Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics.

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The Best Types of Truck Wraps for Your Dallas-based Business

Full wraps

If you want to make a positive and lasting impression even at a moment’s glance, we recommend that you invest in full business truck wraps. They cover your company vehicles’ entire exterior, thereby giving you more display area for high-resolution images and thought-provoking messages. Another great thing about complete truck wraps is that they also preserve the original paint of your truck from different weather conditions.

Partial wraps

As the name suggests, these vinyl truck wraps only cover specific spaces on your company-owned vehicles. Although these signs look less show stopping, they are still effective in reaching leads who don’t typically pass by your physical establishment.

Truck graphics

They are excellent tools to make your vehicle appear more official. Besides your trademark, truck decals are also used to showcase important business information, such as your address, website, and contact details.

Benefits of Investing in Custom Truck Wraps

Achieve a Professional Look

When citizens of Dallas see your wrapped vehicles, they will get the impression that the people onboard are legitimate representatives of your company. This is especially important for companies that perform services at clients’ residences.

More marketing reach for less cost and effort

Most marketing channels charge you for every actual or potential impression your advertisement incurs. You might even end up paying a large sum of money beyond your budget. The good news is that vinyl vehicle decals and wraps enable you to reap the benefits of 24/7 advertising for a reasonable price.

Maximize Existing Assets

With vinyl truck wraps, you can make the most out of your trucks’ usage and employees’ efforts. By simply doing day-to-day errands or duties around Dallas, such as delivering parcels and shipping supplies, you are able to promote the company as well.

Low Maintenance

Commerical truck wraps are specially engineered to last a lifetime. They are highly resistant to scratches, color fading, and other minor damages. When you invest in them, you can expect to gain profitable results for several years.

Non-intrusive Advertising

Aggressive marketing efforts drive customers away. As a result, they may even give you negative reviews and switch to competitors. Thus, if you want to positively influence your target audience’s brand preferences and purchase behaviors, we highly recommend that you invest in commercial truck wraps.

Where Can I Get Impressive Truck Wraps “Near Me”?

Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics have been providing outstanding commercial truck wraps for different businesses in Dallas. We take pride in having a team of passionate signage specialists who go out of their way to create visual communication solutions that add value to your brand.

As a leading local sign company, we make sure to invest in premium quality materials and top-of-the-line equipment to maintain a high standard on all our signage products. Whether you need food truck wraps that trigger hunger or custom truck graphics that indicate your e-commerce website, you can count on Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics to meet or even exceed your expectations.

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