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Stand Out with Custom Vehicle Wraps in Dallas

Wrapped vehicles will reach more of your target audience for a fraction of the cost. Your wrapped vehicles are essentially mobile billboards that easily generate thousands of impressions each day. Wrapped with high-quality cast vinyl, your vehicle wraps are highly resistant to damage and, with the proper maintenance, will last for years.

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Exceptional Quality Vehicle Wraps in Dallas

Whether your goal is to stay top of mind or increase in-store foot traffic, vinyl wraps in Dallas for your commercial vehicles are great tools to turbocharge your marketing efforts. As a seasoned vinyl wraps specialist in the area, you can count on us to help you reach your marketing goals through outstanding vehicle lettering and signs. Get in touch with us to learn more about the cost of vehicle wraps in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, along with any other aspects of your project you’d like to learn more about.


Types of Vehicle Wraps We Offer in Dallas

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Commercial Full Car Wraps in Dallas

Full wraps

If you want to get as much attention as possible with your vehicles, then we recommend complete vinyl wraps that cover every part of your vehicle’s exterior. A larger canvas means you can showcase large-format, high-resolution graphics and intricate designs. High-quality full custom vinyl wraps coupled with strategic marketing design increase your chances of converting potential customers. Another advantage of full car wraps in Dallas is that they protect the original paint of your cars from everyday scratches and scrapes.

Partial wraps

If you are looking for an excellent tool to promote your business in the streets of Dallas in a more subtle way, then these commercial vehicle wraps are an ideal option. Partial custom vehicle wraps are typically applied on critical areas of your vehicle that gain the most attention, such as the hood and door panels. By adding the correct branding elements to your custom auto wraps in Dallas, your target audience will immediately get a sense of who you are as a brand and what makes you stand out from competitors.

Partial Custom Vehicle Wraps
Advertising Vehicles Graphics in Dallas

Vehicle graphics

If your branding requirements involve having minimalist advertisements or if you plan on simply indicating the most important details of the company, such as your trademark, website, and contact number, stick with vehicle decals instead. Despite being relatively small, having them will make your vehicles look official, making clients feel more at ease when interacting with your employees.

Your Vinyl Wrap Partner in Dallas

Having trouble finding vinyl wraps that you can count on?

Finding the right vehicle wrap shops in Dallas is crucial. When you invest in auto wraps, you want to ensure your investment will pay off. With Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics, you can feel confident that your wrapping and graphic projects are in the hands of experts who are passionate about their craft and committed to providing impeccable customer service.

To ensure we showcase your designs in the most eye-catching way possible, we’ll wrap your vehicle using the highest-grade vinyl. These high-quality wraps can stand the test of time and with stand whatever kind of weather mother nature throws at your vehicle. As your vinyl wrap shop in Dallas, we take pride in getting even the smaller details just as you need them for your vinyl car wraps.

Are you ready to take over the streets of Dallas with your vinyl vehicle wraps? Get in touch with us today to get started.