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Inspiring Interior Signs for Dallas Businesses

Your indoor signage is just as vital as your outdoor signs; they communicate your message and brand in a much more personal way. Capture people’s attention with indoor signs and graphics to tell them who you are and what products and services you offer by creating a unique experience that’s hard to forget. Indoor signs can also share your corporate mission, vision, and values, motivate employees, and create a safe and pleasing environment.

Your lobby sign and other indoor signage are often what your protentional customers’ first impressions are based on. Our team in Grand Prairie at Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics is experienced with crafting the right solution to create that great first impression. We will work with you to develop interior signs, explore the different uses for interior business signs to create the perfect environment so you can convey the exact message to potential customers. If you’re curious about interior business signs in Dallas or other aspects of the process, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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Types of Indoor Signs in Dallas

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custom Interior Lobby signs in Dallas

Lobby signs:

These custom interior signs welcome customers the moment they step foot inside your Dallas-Fort Worth business. Because of that, these signs create a lasting impression. Reception area signs also demonstrate your brand’s unique personality, values, history, reputation, and more.


These indoor signs are vital for large businesses, such as hotels, resorts, universities, hospitals, and malls. By providing a detailed map of your property, customers will be able to find their way and use amenities with little to no assistance.
interior directory signage
ADA Compliant Signage in Dallas

ADA signs:

These unique accessibility signs are mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act to help differently-abled customers. Some design specifications include non-glaring materials, contrasting background and text colors, and universally understood symbols.

Room identification signs:

Help customers and employees identify where they should and should not be with the help of room ID signs. These straightforward, essential interior signage solutions promote safety, employee efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Room Identification Interior Signss
Vinyl Floor Decals of Social Distancing

Floor graphics:

These scratch, slip, and fade-resistant signs are excellent tools to make the most out of your business space. With vinyl floor decals, you can showcase the company’s trademark, slogan, wayfinding information, directional cues, social distancing reminders, and so much more. They promote safety, speed up transactions, boost customer satisfaction, and allow your brand to connect more with consumers.

Wall & window graphics:

An easy solution to maximize and transform your space is digitally printed custom wall & window graphics. These interior business signs are great for adding different branding elements to your business, creating a unique and unforgettable ambiance. Since wall graphics are easy to apply and remove, you can update them as frequently as you like.

Indoor Custom Wall & Window Graphics
Indoor Menu Board for Restaurant

Menu boards:

Help customers choose the products or services they want by providing a visible and easy-to-understand selection of dishes. You can make this even more effective by adding artistic graphics and high-resolution images. This way, you can highlight your special offers and upsell opportunities; and your customers can better visualize what they are getting.


These interior office signs are fantastic for short-term activities or events like ongoing promotional sales or upcoming events. Banners are great for corporate events as well. Just make sure to store your vinyl banners properly to reuse them in the future.

Interior Vinyl Banners in Dallas

We Want to be Your Go-To Indoor Sign Maker in Dallas

Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics supplies long-lasting and high-quality interior signs. Because of our passion for sign-making and customer service, we can produce indoor signs and graphics to create the exact environment you are looking for.

By implementing best practices and using state-of-the-art equipment, we are confident that our team can provide superb signage to you. We are the right partner for the best indoor signs near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor signs provide visitors with information, guidance, and promote your branding within a building. Things such as environmental graphics, lobby signs, and customized signs are useful for creating a holistic experience. Some indoor signs are required by law as well, such as emergency exit signs, ADA signs, and more.

Indoor signs are important because they provide essential information, guide visitors, and enhance the overall aesthetic of a space. They help with wayfinding, branding, and communicating important messages. When designing indoor signs, consider the purpose, location, and target audience to ensure they effectively convey the desired message.

The lifespan of indoor signage varies depending on factors such as the material used, environmental conditions, and maintenance. Generally, well-maintained signs can last for several years. Regular cleaning, avoiding exposure to harsh elements, and choosing durable materials can extend the lifespan of your indoor signs. Consider investing in high-quality signage for better longevity.

There are various types of indoor signs available, including wall-mounted signs, directory signs, reception signs, hanging signs, and floor signs. Each type serves a specific purpose and can be customized to match your branding. Consider the purpose, visibility, and design requirements of your signage to determine the most suitable type for your needs.

Indoor signs can be made from various materials, including acrylic, metal, wood, and PVC. The choice of material depends on factors such as durability, aesthetics, and budget. Acrylic is commonly used for its versatility and sleek appearance, while metal provides a more durable and professional look. Consider the desired visual impact, durability, and maintenance requirements when choosing the material for your indoor signs.

The time it takes to make an indoor sign depends on factors such as design complexity, production capacity, and the workload of the signage company. Simple signs can be produced within a few days, while more complex projects may require several weeks. To ensure timely delivery, communicate your timeline and requirements clearly to our team.

Indoor signs are designed to be durable and withstand typical indoor conditions. However, the level of durability depends on the materials used and the quality of craftsmanship. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and inspection, can also help prolong their lifespan. It’s why we use high-quality materials from suppliers like 3M, ULine, and Avery.

Different types of indoor signage include wayfinding signs, informational signs, promotional signs, directional signs, and safety signs. Each type serves a specific purpose in guiding and informing visitors within a space. Consider the goals and needs of your signage project to determine the most appropriate types of indoor signage to implement.

The cost of indoor signage in Dallas varies depending on factors such as size, complexity, materials used, and the chosen signage company. A small vinyl banner starts from as little as $200 and costs over $10,000 for a stunning indoor sign. To find out how much your sign will cost, speak to our team today.

When choosing an indoor signage company in Dallas, consider factors such as their experience, portfolio, customer reviews, and the range of services they offer. Look for companies that have expertise in indoor signage and a track record of delivering high-quality projects on time. Request samples, discuss your specific needs, and ask for references to ensure you choose a reliable and competent signage partner. It’s why we offer a free consultation, so you can see if are the right fit for you.