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Distinctive Monument Signs for Dallas Properties

Monument signs are outdoor visual communication tools engineered to last for many years. At Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics, we use extremely durable and weather-resistant materials, including brick and concrete, to manufacture your signage. Establishments such as government offices, hospitals, and large corporations invest in these outdoor signs to develop a sense of permanence and create a lasting impression towards their target audience.

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Types of Monument Signs in Dallas

Pylon monument signs

Large establishments with several buildings, departments, or tenants use them as directories. We recommend that custom monument signs be installed in your property’s most important areas, such as the entrance and lobby area signs. In doing so, you will be able to help customers look for areas they need to go to, individuals they wish to visit, or amenities they need to use.

Post and Panel Monument Signs

They are commonly used at single establishments, such as corporate headquarters and law firms. When you invest in them, your brand will appear more credible and dependable. Besides your trademark, post and panel monument signs are excellent tools to showcase your business hours, official address, contact number, and other essential business information.

Brick monument signs

Timeless and heavy-duty, these brick signs are great long-term visual tools for business owners who can’t be bothered with frequent repairs or replacements.

Foam core monument signs

For entrepreneurs who want to invest in stunning and durable signage solutions that are surprisingly lightweight, we suggest that you choose foam monument signs.

Get Some of the Best Monument Sign Installation in Dallas, TX

Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics has been providing top-quality monument signs for businesses and organizations in Dallas. Designing, fabricating, and installing architectural monument signs require plenty of expertise, labor, and patience. The good news is that we are a team of talented and passionate specialists who go out of their way to give every client a positive and memorable experience, regardless of how simple or complex the project is. We take pride in only using the best materials and equipment available to create your one-of-a-kind signs.

From contemporary digital directories to simple and inexpensive post and panel monument signs, you can count on Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics to give you customized visual communication tools that add value to your brand.

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FAQs about Monument Signs

Absolutely! You can tailor monument signs to reflect your business’s identity. Personalize your sign by incorporating the logo, color scheme, architectural elements, and other unique aspects of your business. Monument signs are some of the most customizable signs, allowing you to choose from a wide range of materials, and finishes.

Expect your monument signs to deliver over a decade of performance, with a minimal routine maintenance. We use materials, such as stone, metal, brick, and concrete, that offer exceptional durability regardless of application and weather conditions. In addition, we use LED lighting, which offers up to 30 times the longevity of traditional light bulbs.

Here are a few things routine maintenance should cover:

  • Inspecting for signs of water damage and seepage
  • Ensuring electrical contacts and wiring are secure
  • Checking if seals are in good condition
  • Replacing any malfunctioning lighting elements
  • Checking for signs of cracks or premature wear and tear
  • Ensuring mounts are secure and stable.

Yes! Lighting is one of the key differentiators of monument signs. The large sign face and architectural design allow you to choose from a range of lighting options, including:

  • LED neon
  • Open face lighting
  • Halo lighting
  • Light cabinets
  • Spot lighting

Speak to our design team to identify the most eye-catching lighting options for your sign.

Monument signs are prominent outdoor signs, meaning you will likely need to apply for a permit at City Hall. While obtaining a sign permit is a straightforward process, it can also be intricate, which is why it’s advisable you reach out to our sign team for assistance.

Since monument signs are completely custom, manufacturing times can range anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on the nature of your sign. Regardless of which style you go for, it will require extensive surface preparation, construction, and professional installation. To get an accurate timeframe for your sign, speak to us.

Brick, metal, concrete, and stone are commonly used to construct monument signs. Another popular material is foam, which offers wide-ranging personalization and can be finished to look like virtually any other material. Monument signs also have a large face, which can feature channel letters, sign board, a digital sign, or other styles.

Absolutely! Digital and electronic displays have been game-changing for signage. They allow you to change messaging effortlessly and add an interactive element to the sign. We offer digital displays, such as scrolling letter signs, video walls, and blinking LEDs; you can use them to display videos, photographs, text, and more.

Monument signs are typically five to 15 feet wide and four to ten feet tall. There are no prescribed dimensions for monument signs, meaning you can personalize them to suit your needs. However, your location may have zoning restrictions or property by-laws that restrict how large your sign can be.