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Professional Lobby Signs for Dallas Offices

Do you want to WOW your customers the moment they enter your establishment? With high-quality lobby signs, you can make a positive and lasting impression on patrons and leads. These signs create a reputable brand image that people look for during their initial encounter with your company. They meet the standards set by your exterior building signs and make them feel welcomed right away.

Imagine this: you enter a dental clinic for the first time only to be greeted by lobby signage that looks flimsy and poorly made. We wouldn’t blame you if you backed out and found a different dentist. That’s the influence that lobby signage can have.

The cost of lobby signs in Dallas depends on several factors, such as the materials and design. Reach out to Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics today to get a free quote.

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Types of Lobby Signs in Dallas

Illuminated signs

Front-lit and backlit lobby signs emphasize your trademark, which helps with brand reinforcement. Their sophisticated and modern charm will boost your image as well. If you prefer to have a more retro appeal, we recommend open-faced 3D lobby signs that look similar to neon. We typically install these at restaurants, hotels, aesthetic clinics, and more.

Metal lobby signs

For businesses with professional, edgy, strong, and serious characteristics, 3D lobby signs fabricated from metal are excellent investments. However, if you prefer simple and sleek signs, we highly suggest that you switch to laser printed or engraved metal panels. Instead, we typically install metal signs at law firms, medical clinics, corporate offices, and similar establishments.

Acrylic lobby signs

Vibrant and contemporary, these 3d logo wall signs are perfect for companies that want to have a dynamic and energetic ambiance in their facility.

Vinyl reception signs

These versatile and budget-friendly office lobby signs are great for transforming empty walls overnight and maximizing your available space. They also function as décor to enhance customer experience and boost employee morale. Our talented team will create custom lobby signs that match your interior design and unique brand personality.

Uses of Lobby Signs for Your Dallas-based Business

Brand reinforcement

More than your logo and company name, you can also include other elements that boost your brand image, such as your awards and slogan. This is a way to demonstrate your capabilities to your target audience, assuring them that they made the right decision to trust your company.

Connect with customers

Office lobby signs are fantastic tools to narrate your brand’s story and foster a stronger relationship with clients. When your target audience finds the company relatable, they are more willing to support your causes and purchase your products and services.

Provide wayfinding information

Corporate lobby signs can also indicate directories and directional cues to help customers navigate their way inside your establishment in Dallas.

Provide a visually stimulating representation of your products, services, scope, and values

These strategically designed elements remind customers and employees of who you are as a brand, what you can offer them, and what makes you different from others.

#1 Lobby Sign Manufacturer in Dallas, TX

Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics is committed to providing top-notch visual communication tools that generate quantifiable results. From consultation to maintenance, you can count on our Dallas team to give you high-quality services that meet or even surpass your standards.

Our office lobby signs in Dallas are manufactured from premium-grade materials and equipment to ensure longevity and durability. Thanks to our meticulous installers, your signs are free from scratches, bumps, bubbles, and other minor damages.

In other words, working with Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics means fewer headaches and more profitable benefits to your business.

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FAQs about Lobby Signs

The durability of your lobby signs depends on the design, mounting option, and material choice. For example, metal signs are extremely durable, while acrylic signs are less so. We build all our signs to be resilient to regular cleaning and the occasional bump. If you expect additional wear and tear to your sign, let us know.

A simple vinyl sign starts from as little as $200, whereas a large channel letter sign can cost over $3,000. The size, complexity, material, and lighting of the sign will impact its cost. Our team spends time with every customer exploring all the options that suit your budget.

We will customize your lobby sign with your business’s branding requirements. You can include your logo, colors, fonts, and any other aspects of branding you wish to. Our team brings years of design and manufacturing experience, ensuring brand-accurate signs every time. We’ll also be happy to create designs you can choose.

The duration depends on the type of sign you have chosen for your business. Vinyl signs take as little three to four days to print and install at your office. Large dimensional letters and metal signs can take up to eight weeks to design. Note that the availability of raw materials can impact lead times too.

Yes, and illumination should be considered for your sign. Most lobby signs can be lighted. We offer a range of lighting options:

  • Backlit or halo-lit
  • Front-lit
  • LED neon
  • Spot lights

Each impacts your sign’s appearance and lighting in the space, so discuss your options with expert designers.

Some of the most popular materials used in lobby signs are:

  • Acrylic – Offers a premium, glossy appearance at an affordable price.
  • Metal – Looks upscale and offers excellent longevity.
  • Vinyl – Easy to install, great for branding the lobby tastefully.
  • Wood – Wide range of customization options and ideal for creating a period look.

Most lobby signs require no ongoing maintenance, other than gentle cleaning to keep them looking fresh. We use LED lighting, too, which lasts about 30 times longer than traditional bulbs, meaning fewer bulb changes for you. Signs may need an occasional touch-up as prolonged exposure to artificial lighting can cause discoloration.