The Impact of Innovative Hotel Lobby Signage on Guest Experience

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Hotel lobby signage is known for displaying an establishment’s name and guiding visitors around the property, but it accomplishes much more. These signs also speak volumes about your hotel’s commitment to guest experience; 68% of Americans say they associate the quality of a business’s signage with the quality of its offerings.

In this article, we will delve into how innovative hotel lobby signage can help you elevate your guests’ experiences.

Elevating Experiences with Hotel Lobby Signage

Make First Impressions Count

The lobby is one of the places where people interact within a hotel, which is why it often sets the tone for their stay. A thoughtfully designed lobby helps to create a strong first impression of the hotel. Whether you choose custom wall graphics to decorate the walls or window graphics to turn glass partitions into interesting visual features, your hotel lobby signage will generate the perfect welcome for all visitors.

Make Navigating Your Premises Simple

A hotel that’s hard to navigate can cause frustration, impacting guests’ experiences. Using signage to identify room numbers, provide directional support, and strategically place directories throughout high-traffic areas can make all the difference.

Door numbers, door lettering, and nameplates are ideal for labelling rooms. From the hotel gym to individual suites, quality hotel lobby signage has a big impact on people’s ability to navigate any space.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Sharing your hotel’s story is an excellent way to connect with visitors. In a hospitality environment dominated by big hotel chains, finding ways to differentiate your business can result in customer loyalty.

Your hotel lobby signage is a powerful tool to share your unique history. Weave in your brand’s theme, colors, and ethos to establish a relationship with customers. Use murals to show photographs and share your hotel’s history. You can also use acrylic signs to display artwork related to your hotel and create focal walls.

Unleash the Power of Digitization

Digital hotel lobby signage has transformed the way we use signs to benefit hotels. Digital signs provide a versatile platform for displaying welcome messages to event announcements. Some businesses use these signs to highlight daily activities, such as charity events or evening gatherings, while others use them to maximize upsells, such as advertising loyalty programs or available amenities.

Multilingual Signs Increase Communication Dallas is a global hotspot in tourism and corporate events. The city sees around 22.5 million visitors annually. When you have such diverse clientele visiting, you need to ensure your hotel lobby signage caters to everyone. Multilingual signs are one way to accomplish that. You can also display internationally accepted pictograms to ensure language doesn’t become a barrier to clear communication.

Showcase Promotions and Maximize Upsells

Effective hotel lobby signage can spotlight underutilized amenities and services. Use signs such as banners, window graphics, and digital signs to encourage visitors to participate in all that your hotel has to offer. Though upselling in the lobby is effective, also consider adding tabletop signs to each room to inform guests about the other services you offer.

Comply with the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires commercial spaces to install ADA-identifying permanent rooms. Bathrooms, suites, and conference venues are examples of permanent rooms. Ensure your hotel lobby signage addresses the needs of all guests by incorporating ADA features into their design

Support Your Sustainability Practices Sustainable practices are increasingly important to guests. Surveys have found that 78% of travellers opt for more eco-friendly accommodations when travelling. Signage is an important part of sustainability too.

Your hotel lobby signage provides the perfect opportunity to highlight the sustainability initiatives your business is pursuing. Well-made signs, such as those using metal and LED lighting, are longer-lasting, reducing the amount of unnecessary waste heading to the landfill.

Receive Feedback from Guests

Interactive hotel lobby signage can actively solicit guest feedback. This can provide hotel management with real-time insights into guest experiences, as well as proactively address issues before they become consistent issues that may affect a business’s overall reputation. There are several ways to achieve this, such as:

  • Interactive digital signs can encourage customers to complete feedback forms quickly.
  • Prominently labelled form holders can encourage visitors to submit feedback before checkout.
  • Simple signs with key messaging, such as “Your feedback is important”, can encourage guests to share more information about their experiences.

Ensure a Safe Property

The clarity and visibility of your hotel lobby signage are essential when it comes to an emergency. This signage should guide people to stairwells, emergency exits, and fire assembly points simply and effectively.

Emergency signs are available in a wide range of styles, including the standard green and off-white emergency exit signs, floor plans, and fire alarm signs. By working with an experienced partner for your signage, you can incorporate these signs strategically into your decor.

Designing Hotel Lobby Signage for Success

Every establishment is unique, and depending on the nature of your travellers, the expectations will be unique. Here are a few tips for designing impactful, innovative signs:

  • Go digital – Nowadays, digitization has become a preferred option for many businesses. Digital signs allow you to provide real-time messages effortlessly and create a memorable experience for visitors.
  • Go premium with acrylic – Acrylic is the perfect substitute for glass; it offers a high-end glass look without the premium cost or risk. You can use acrylic signs to make gallery walls, display artwork, and recognize employees.
  • Decorate with signage – Ensure your signage suits your decor by using similar aesthetics, colors, and more. This will provide a more cohesive experience for visitors and uplift the ambiance.

Work with Us for Hotel Lobby Signage

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