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Educating, informing, selling–retail signs play an essential role in the customer journey. Used correctly, they will help you create memorable experiences for customers and grow in-store sales revenues.

Browse and customize one of the largest selections of signs at one of Grand Prairie’ top retail sign makers. At Elevated Exposure Signs and Graphics, we bring years of experience serving industry verticals, including grocery chains, QSRs, boutiques, and chain establishments.

Trust our experienced team to design, build, and install brand-accurate, eye-catching signs that align with your sales goals. Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs.

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What Are Commercial Retail Signs?

Retail signs are essential tools for any retail business, helping you brand your space and advertise your offerings. For maximum impact, you should install retail signs outdoors and indoors. With the right signs, you can:

  • Attract customers to your store.
  • Build confidence with potential customers.
  • Highlight your business’s USP.
  • Increase basket sizes and upsells.
  • Showcase promotions.
  • Take advantage of the busy shopping seasons.
  • Guide shoppers through the store.

Not sure what signs you should install? Our team evaluates your business and customer preferences to recommend a custom signage strategy.

Getting the Most Value and Utility from Retail Signs Near You

Different signs have different strengths, which is why you need to plan out a detailed signage plan. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Use large, well-lit signs outdoors to capture attention and draw customers into your store.
  • Place interior signs at key decision points, such as entrances, aisles, and checkouts, to align with customers’ buyer journeys.
  • Keep messages short and to the point. Include impactful offers that resonate with your customers.
  • Provide frictionless calls-to-action, such as ‘Sign Up Today’ or ‘Buy One, Get 50% Off on the Second’.
  • Make sure signs include your business’s branding, including your logo, colors, motifs, and more.

Grow Your Revenues with Digital Retail Store Signs

Digital signage has transformed advertising in the retail space. Unlike static displays that people can ignore, digital signage attracts customers! Surveys show that digital signage can increase foot traffic by 17% and grow sales by up to 30%.

Elevate your marketing with one of the leading digital retail signage companies that installs:

  • Flashing LED signs
  • Animated signs
  • Message displays
  • Scrolling text signs
  • Video walls
  • Digital menu boards
  • Interactive maps
  • … and many other types of signs.

Start seeing results faster–our easy-to-use software, training for your staff, and ongoing support means you can take full advantage of your signage investment.

Design and Install Stunning Retail Signs

  • Outdoor Retail signs
    Make a lasting impression with custom exterior signs. Designed to attract and engage customers, these are ideal for storefronts, parking lots, and high-traffic areas.
    We offer a variety of signs, including illuminated signs, channel letters, blade signs, and monument signs. Every sign is crafted to reflect your branding and draw customers into your store.
    Enjoy long-lasting, hassle-free performance with every sign: we use high-quality materials, fade-resistant inks, and modern construction methods for every sign.
  • Sale Signs for Retail
    Boost your sales and clear out inventory with head-turning sale signs. Whether it’s a seasonal clearance, a holiday special, or a flash sale, our signs make sure your promotions are impossible to miss. Choose from a range of styles, such as hanging signs, floor decals, and window clings, to get your promotions noticed.
  • Retail Display Signs
    These signs help guide customers to the best deals and newest arrivals. Retail display signs are ideal for showcasing new products, special offers, and featured items. We print tabletop signs, retractable banners, retail labels, and more.
  • Retail Shelf Signage
    Optimize your shelf space with custom shelf signage. Get everything from shelf talkers (also called shelf flags) and wobblers (or danglers) to price tags and product labels under one roof. Our signage offers the perfect balance between durability and cost-effectiveness. We use high-quality adhesives that ensure the sign sticks to the shelf but can be removed without leaving residue. Choose from a range of mounting options to suit your shelves.
  • Retail Window Graphics
    Transform your storefront into a free billboard for your business with striking window graphics. Window graphics are ideal for branding, promotions, and seasonal displays. Our high-quality graphics are easy to install and remove, allowing you to update your displays frequently. Vinyl graphics are also some of the most cost-effective signs you can get, meaning you can replace them regularly without breaking the bank.
  • Retail Window Decals
    Add a whole new dimension to decor with window decals. These are a great way to display your logo, store hours, and promotional messages. You can install them on windows, glass partitions, fridge and freezer doors, and safety shields. Our customers also use window decals as giveaways to increase brand awareness and generate excitement about their brand.

Work with a Full-Service Retail Sign Company

Enjoy a seamless signage experience when you work with full-service retail sign makers in Grand Prairie. Whether you are installing new signs or replacing existing signage, we are here to assist you.

  • Initial Consultation – Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with our experienced signage professional. Create custom designs that align with your branding and decor.
  • Printing and Production – Receive the value you expect with high-quality signs and graphics. We use modern construction methods and digital printing to ensure every sign looks premium and performs flawlessly.
  • Sign Installation – Ensure safe, secure signage installation with the help of our experts. We prepare the surface, run electrical wiring, install anchors, and mount the sign.
  • Sign Maintenance – Keep your sign performing like new with routine maintenance and emergency repair services.

Our team provides unmatched after-sales support. We follow strict quality assurance processes and go the extra mile to deliver the value you expect.

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Elevated Exposure Signs and Graphics is the go-to signage partner for retail signs in Grand Prairie. You will receive market insight and design guidance from our team that knows your market and understands customer preferences. Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs with our Grand Prairie-based signage professional.