5 Reasons to Choose Custom Signs for Business

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You should know this already–76% of Americans enter a business because they like its signs. And it’s not just traffic that signs bring in, custom signs encourage 68% of shoppers to make a purchase.
In this blog, we look at the five biggest reasons you should choose custom signs in Dallas, TX (and how you can make the most of them).

5 Reasons You Should Get Custom Signs

1. Increase Brand Awareness With Dallas Custom Signs
With 85% of your customer base said to be located within 5 miles of your business, custom signs in Dallas are essential for making an impact in the community. Personalized signs can be designed to reflect your brand’s unique identity, making it easier for potential customers to recognize your business and distinguish it from competitors.

2. Boost Sales, Bump Up the Bottom Line
Businesses report seeing a 16% bump in sales after changing out an old sign for a new custom sign. Signs are an essential part of the customer journey, and the right signs can help you build confidence, unlock upsells, and grow revenues. That being said, just installing a new sign isn’t enough; you need to team the right custom decals in Dallas, TX, with compelling offers to generate conversions.

3. Make a Great First Impression With Custom Signs in Dallas
First impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to attracting new customers. Customized signs can create a memorable first impression on potential customers. Don’t believe us? A FedEx survey found that 52% of shoppers are less likely to visit an establishment because of poorly made signs.

4. Making Your Business Stand Out
“Oh, no…!” That’s the awkward feeling you get when you install a sign from the big box store, only to realize your competitor uses the same style. To make your business stand out in a competitive space, you need to install custom signs in Dallas, TX with Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics.
We will allow you to creatively express your branding and ideas and make them more memorable for customers.

5. Shine Brighter With Illuminated Signs
Gone are the days when just having an illuminated sign was enough to capture attention. Today, you need visually stunning lighting to make shoppers take notice, and that’s what Dallas custom signs enable (especially when teamed with LED lighting).

And Here’s the Secret Sauce to Making the Most of Your Signs…

The first step in maximizing value from your sign is finding the right partner. An experienced, trusted team can help you design stunning signs that generate business. Some other things to consider are:

  1. Keep the design simple and crisp.
  2. Minimize text on your sign.
  3. Provide lucrative offers on advertising signs.
  4. Make sure the sign reflects your industry.

Work With the Top Sign Company in Dallas
When businesses need personalized signage, whether a storefront sign or custom decals in Dallas, TX, they turn to Elevated Exposure Signs & Graphics. We are the go-to signage team in the city, trusted for high-quality signs and seamless signage experiences.
Book a complimentary consultation to discuss your custom signs with a Dallas-based professional.