Making Your Brand Pop: The Power of Dimensional Letters in Signage

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According to Fortune, the top 10 biggest companies in the U.S. use 3D sign letters for branding on buildings. Surprised? We were too, but you can see a few here: Walmart, Amazon, and Exxon Mobil. If each of these businesses is using the same type of signage, there must be a reason, right?

In this blog, we’ll look at why dimensional signs are some of the most impactful signs and how you can use dimensional letters in Grand Prairie to make your business pop.

What Are 3D Sign Letters?

Dimensional letters, otherwise known as 3D letters, are prepared letters that are constructed together to produce an impactful sign. Unlike traditional sign boards, each letter is installed individually on the wall and may have its own lighting. Since the letters extend outwards from the building, they are called 3-dimensional letters.

As another example, here’s Google’s dimensional letter sign (Alphabet, its parent company, is also on Fortune’s list). Note how each letter has depth, giving it a three-dimensional look.

How Grand Prairie Dimensional Letters Can Make Your Brand Pop

1. Sign of Success

America’s largest businesses use dimensional office signs to display their brand, and by getting one for your business, you join an elite club. Your sign will be more than a brand name because it is also a statement about your image, your values, and the quality you have to offer.

2. Stand Out from the Crowd

While standard signs may struggle to attract attention in a crowded marketplace, 3-dimensional letters will make your business stand out. If you are looking for signs that make an impact, dimensional signs can help you do just that.

3. Add a Touch of Elegance

Dimensional signs aren’t just about being bold, they can bring sophistication to your branding too. Whether sleek metal letters or colorful acrylic, dimensional sign letters convey a sense of premium. Given customers associate the quality of the sign with the quality of your products and services, these signs are a great option to consider.

4. Express Your Brand the Way You Want To

Dimensional office signs are some of the most customizable signs around, allowing you to display your branding exactly as you want to. You can personalize every aspect of the sign to your unique needs, including the style, colors, size, installation, and more.

5. Shine the Spotlight on Your Business

Elevate your marketing efforts by adding lighting to your custom dimensional lettering. Options such as backlit letters, spotlighting, and halo-lighting allow you to maximize visibility and create vibrant experiences for customers.

6. Grow Your Eco Credentials with Grand Prairie Dimensional Letters

High-quality letters can last years with minimal maintenance, meaning less waste heading to the landfill. We even use LED lighting for our signs, which will help you reduce energy bills dramatically and minimize how often you need to change the bulbs.

Your Go-To Partner for Custom Dimensional Lettering

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