The Versatility of Dimensional Letters From Interior to Exterior Applications

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As they are head-turning and capable of getting shoppers to walk through your front doors, dimensional letters offer an incredible return on investment (ROI). One of the best things about these signs is their versatility. In this blog, we’ll outline what makes letter signs best suited for your indoor and outdoor signage alike.

What Makes Dimensional Letters So Versatile?

1. You Can’t Miss Dimensional Signs

Dimensional letter signage stands out—literally! The 3D design of these signs ensures they can be seen from every angle, near and far, which makes them an excellent marketing tool indoors and outdoors.

2. Stand Out Durability

Durability is a big advantage when it comes to exterior dimensional letters. The signs are made from materials such as aluminum, acrylic, and wood, meaning the signs are long-lasting, despite experiencing weather conditions when installed outdoors.

Working with a reputable signage partner is important to optimize this benefit. We only use high-quality materials from reliable suppliers, such as 3M, and our team carefully chooses materials that best suit your application.

3. Customize to Your Heart’s Content with Dimensional Signs

With letter signs, there’s no need to compromise your vision. If you can dream it, we can build it! With a high degree of versatility, there is a wide range of customization options. From fonts to colors, you can personalize virtually every aspect of the sign to align with your brand and industry.

4. Make a Bold First Impression

In a short seven seconds, people will decide how they perceive your business, which directly impacts their purchasing decisions. In fact, 68% of American shoppers have admitted to making purchases based on the strength of a business’s signs.

Dimensional lettering is bold, captivating, and impactful, which positively benefits your business’s marketing strategy. They also add a layer of sophistication to your space, regardless of where you install it.

5. Delivering Value Wherever You Install Dimensional Letter Signage

Whether you install them in your business’s lobby, in your mall storefront, or on your building exterior, dimensional lettering offers excellent long-term value for your original investment. This is partly due to their visual appeal and partly due to their long lifespan. Well-constructed signs can last ten years or more, especially when you prioritize routine maintenance.

6. Easy Maintenance, Hassle-Free Ownership

Interior and exterior dimensional letters offer hassle-free ownership. Indoor signs are designed to be easy to clean, as they aren’t damaged by common commercial cleaning agents. Exterior signs also require minimal maintenance, other than paint touch-ups and occasional inspections.

Go-To Partner for High-Quality Dimensional Letters in Dallas

Whether it’s fostering a professional impression indoors or attracting customer attention outdoors, Elevated Exposure Signs and Graphics is a Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce-registered business and the go-to signage partner for businesses like yours. You will work with an experienced signage team that helps you attain maximum value from your signs and guides you every step of the way. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs today.