Increase Your Foot Traffic with Strategic Placement of Outdoor Storefront Signs

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Did you know people are more likely to visit a business if they like its outdoor storefront signs? Storefront signs can be powerful marketing tools — if you know how to use them correctly. In this blog, we’ll talk about where you should install your signs to get even more people walking through the front door of your business.

Before We Begin, Let’s Talk Signs

  • Entrance Sign: This is your largest sign installed above the entrance. They’re used to display the business’s name and branding prominently.
  • A-Frame Signs: Small, portable, and affordable, these signs are kept on the ground. Simply unfold the sign and start showing advertising messages or branding instantly.
  • Storefront Window Graphics: Transform your windows into billboards with graphics. They’re great for getting promotions noticed and strengthening marketing efforts.
  • Digital Signs: Choose from a wide range of scrolling signs, digital sign boards, and video walls. Use them to show changeable messages, animated text, or marketing videos!
  • Vinyl Banners: Completely customizable, easy to install, and affordable to print, you can show anything and install them virtually anywhere.
  • Post and Panel Signs: Install them outside the store to show a business directory, highlight ongoing promotions, or to simply get noticed.

How You Can Get People Walking Through the Door with Outdoor Storefront Signs?

Now that you know your options, here are four ways strategically placed outdoor storefront signs can help you attract attention and grow foot traffic.

  1. Make a Strong Impression with Signs Above the Front Door
    People make a judgment about your business in a short seven seconds, and that impression sticks with them. Surveys show that 52% of people associate the quality of a business’s offerings with its signage, and 76% say they’ve visited a business for the first time because they liked its signs. That makes attractive signs installed near the front entrance vitally important. Channel letters, LED neon, and metal signs are eye-catching outdoor storefront signs to consider.
  2. Highlight Promotions with Window Graphics
    Sales, new product launches, and exciting promotions get people walking through the door (have you ever wondered why The Gap always has a sale going on?). That said, a promotion is only as effective as the exposure it gets. Vinyl window graphics installed on storefront windows transform them into billboards for your business.
  3. Attract Customers with Sidewalk Signs
    A-frame signs are a favorite of hospitality establishments, such as bakeries and restaurants, but they can be used much more widely. These signs are displayed on the sidewalk and have easy-to-change sign faces, such as chalkboards or interchangeable sheets. To reach potential customers, keep yours where you have the most foot traffic, such as mall corridors and outdoor sidewalks.
  4. Make People Linger with Stunning Marketing Videos
    Digital signs have revolutionized marketing in the last few years. Cost-effective and customizable, they allow you to show everything from simple informational messages to eye-catching marketing videos. Install yours in front of your storefront to make people linger outside and visit your store.

Wondering Which Outdoor Storefront Sign to Get and Where to Install It? Work with an experienced signage team that helps businesses like yours extract the most value from signage. We’ll advise you on installation location, the style of the signage, messaging, and more. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs and goals. Our team will help you find impactful signage to grow your business’s foot traffic.